Hertz Romania wants to increase its revenues by at least 26 per cent by the end of 2017


The Operational Leasing market in Romania, which still has a long way to go in order to reach average European performance levels, has started to become more important among companies as they understand that it is better to shift their investments from cars to their core business, which insures an efficient business through adaptability, mobility and cost predictability, according to George Asimakis, country manager, Hertz Romania.

"It is a service that grows every day and represents a financing method that constantly grew in the past ten years, no matter of the economic crisis," Asimakis told The Diplomat-Bucharest. "According to ASLO, the first semester of the year confirms the consolidation tendency of full service operational leasing product as an unavoidable solution of companies' mobility efficiency. The growth by over 30 per cent compared with 2016 of operational leasing motor vehicle registrations of the overall new cars is an additional proof of the notoriety and attractiveness of this solution."

George Asimakis said that the positive evolution of the operational leasing and fleet management market is in line with the forecasts made at the end of last year. "The bigger share of full operational leasing services, which expanded by eight percent versus the similar period of last year, proves the maturity of the market and the higher adoption rate of the benefits of our core product," he explained. "According to ASLO, another indicator that marks a significant increase is the share of vehicle registration operational leasing in the total number of new vehicle registrations, which reached 16 per cent compared to 13.3 per cent of the whole year 2016. This share that is 20 per cent higher, reconfirms both the growth of our product popularity among local companies, including SMEs, as well as the significant contribution of our industry for increasing the renewals of company`s vehicles."
Hertz Romania registered a growth of 20 per cent in the first semester of 2017 compared to 2016 with regards to revenues and fleet expansion, and expects an increase of at least 26 per cent by the end of 2017.

"Digitalization, online web tools for fleet reporting, and car sharing are some of the new trends on our market of operational leasing, all aiming for a much more efficient and reliable customer service," said Asimakis.
Hertz Romania had a turnover of 10.5 million Euro in 2016 and a team of 42 employees. For 2017, the company has a turnover target of 13 million Euro and wants to add six new employees to its Team.


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