Operating Leasing

Hertz Lease offers you flexible operational leasing solutions to administrate your company’s car fleet. It is the ideal option for companies seeking to minimize the financial burden of running their car fleet and concentrate their resources on their core business activity.

Operational Leasing offered by Hertz Lease provides you with a range of extra services personalized to your company's needs :

✔ Full maintenance, including Regular Services and Breakdowns;
✔ Tires replacement;
✔ Body shop repairs;
✔ Third party insurance;
✔ Collision damage waiver (Own Liability Accident Cover);
✔ Fire and Theft insurance of the vehicle;
✔ 24 hour Road Assistance throughout the country;
✔ Temporary Replacement of the vehicle in case of breakdown or accident;
✔ Permanent replacement of the vehicle in case of theft or total loss;
✔ Accident Management;
✔ Road Taxes;
✔ Administration process for Taxation and Registration of the vehicle.

Through Operational Leasing you can have the option of purchasing the leased vehicles at the end of the lease period (buyback), or to choose the “NO RISK” solution by returning the vehicle to us. In this way you are avoiding the hustle and cost of reselling the leased cars and at the same time you drive away with your new leased car following a renewal.

Advantages of Operational Leasing from Hertz Lease

✔ All costs are DEDUCTIBLE!
✔ Replacement car: A replacement vehicle will be available in case of an accident or breakdown; in this way your business will constantly "run".

✔ Cash flow and budget planning: No more sudden expenses that can distort your cash flow schedule.One monthly installment same for each month.

✔ Reducing time: Simplify the activity of fleet management and decrease the accountancy work volume.

✔ Concentrating in core activity: Improve your capacity of financing your core activity by releasing important financial resources.

✔ NO Residual value risk: Acquiring your fleet through operational leasing, the residual value risk is immediately transferred to the leasing company.

✔ No unexpected maintenance and repairs: The leasing company covers any maintenance or repair scheduled and non-scheduled.

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