What is Show your Card?


Show your Card! is a loyalty programme under the umbrella of the ARC Europe Group launched on 1st June 1999. The main objective of this Loyalty Programme is to provide member benefits, savings and added value on a pan–European basis to all 36 million members of the ARC Europe affiliated automobile clubs. The Loyalty Programme consists out of two main elements. The first is pan-European savings and benefits available to all ARC Europe affiliated automobile clubs. These are offers located in various countries across Europe related to 1 commercial partner. The second element concerns national savings and benefits. These are the existing and new offers available to members of the local club that are also considered valuable to visiting members from other ARC Europe affiliated automobile clubs.

As a member of the Automobile Club of Romania you can benefit from all these discounts.

How can these reductions be obtained? Simply showing the ACR Member Card(issued from January 1, 2006) when making a reservation or wanting to visit different destinations.

Where can I use the ACR Member Charter? In the present, there are over 20 hotels participating in this program in Romania, and hundreds of hotels and tourist destinations are found throughout the world where you have significant discounts.

What discounts can I expect? The ACR Member Carnet offers discounts from 10% to 50% worldwide. Children also benefit from free services.

Discover more information about Show Your Card at http://www.acr.ro or http://www.showyourcard.eu


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