Our Fuel Policy

We would like to inform you and become familiar with the Fuel Policy applicable to Hertz Romania customers.

For 1-2 day rentals 
For rental durations of 1-2 days, you should return the car with the same quantity of fuel as shown at the time of pickup. In the event that you return it with less quantity, you will be charged the value of this missing fuel. Additionally, a “Refuelling Service” charge will be applied which today, is € 18,00 plus vat.

For rentals of 3 days and more 
For rental durations of 3 days or more, you are required to prepay the cost of the quantity of fuel which is in the tank of the rented car at the pickup time. Upon returning the car, and only at this time, you may ask to be refunded with the value of the fuel in the tank at that time. In this instance, if the quantity of fuel in the tank is less than the one you prepaid, then the Refuelling Service charge will be applied which today, is € 18,00 plus vat. Any refund due will be processed through your credit/debit card.  

Please note that : 
1) The price per litre of fuel used, is the average fuel price for the area from where the car was rented.
2) The cost of the Refuelling Service mentioned in this brochure, is valid at the time of printing. Please consult the Hertz Romania employee during the documentation preparation for any change to this cost.  

Benefit From The Advantages of Fuel Prepayment  

By prepaying the fuel you save significant time and money because:

  • you may be in a hurry to catch either a flight or a boat and don’t want to lose time at a Fuel Station.
  • it is possible that you are not familiar with the area around the Hertz Romania location for the car return, and more specifically the location of the nearest Fuel Station.
  • the Fuel Station may not be open during the time of your return, either because of their operating hours (very rare these operate 24 hours), or indeed it may be closed due to a Bank/National Holiday, strike, Sunday’s etc.
  • you want to have all your expenses, deriving from the car rental, all in one invoice.
  • you save time when returning the car to our offices.



Why shall I prepay the fuel?  
This is a Policy which has been in place since 2006 and works better for you, the Client, as it eliminates possible problems deriving from fuel charges after the return of the car. By prepaying the cost of the fuel, then, upon return of the car you will not be charged any Refueling Service if petrol is less, nor you lose time at a petrol station for actual refueling, and of course you will save a lot of time when returning the car in our staff.

If I return the car at the same fuel level which I prepaid, will I be refunded any money?

Yes ! Upon your request the whole amount will be refunded but this has to be dealt with, only at the time of returning your car to the Hertz Romania Staff, so that the level of fuel in the tank can be verified by an Hertz Romania employee. Please note that we will not be able to refund any money at a later stage as it will not be possible to verify the amount of petrol returned. Any petrol refund will be done through your Credit/Debit card.

If I bring the car back with less fuel than the prepaid amount, will I be refunded any money?  

YES ! Even in the case that you return the car with less fuel than the amount you prepaid, upon your request we will refund the corresponding amount of the fuel returned. In this case however, you will be also charged with Refueling Service which today is 18€ plus VAT. Please not that you must request the Petrol Refund only at the time of retuning the car to the Hertz Romania staff, in order that the quantity of returned fuel may be verified. It will not be possible for requests concerning fuel refunds to be handled at any later stage. Any petrol refund will be done through your Credit/Debit card.

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