Cluj is one of the most dynamic Romanian cities, because it is in a continuous and rapid evolution. It is also called the "Capital of Transylvania" and is the second largest city in Romania. The architecture of Cluj reflects the Saxon influences, one of the most visible pieces of evidence being the St. Michael's Monastery, built in Gothic style. In front of it is the imposing statue of one of the most beloved kings of Hungary, Matei Corvin, Cluj being his birthplace. His coronation was officiated in the 15th century at the Monastery of St. Michael.

For art and culture lovers, Cluj has a lot of attractions to offer, including the Ethnographic Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, the Art Museum of Cluj Napoca, the Botanical Garden and Casa Matia (Matei Corvin's house). 

Being a university center at the same time, Cluj-Napoca is a city whose inhabitants have a fairly young average age. This has left its mark both on the culture of the city, but also on how to experience other tourist segments, from culinary to nightlife. Around the city, the biggest festivals in the country take place every summer, and the most popular are Untold, Electric Castle or Jazz In The Park.

If you visit Cluj Napoca in winter, don't miss the ski slopes near the city. You are expected already equipped on the Feleacu Ski Lift (12 km from the city) or Mount Băișorii (55 km from the city).

For those who want to venture in the surroundings of Cluj-Napoca and have an hour or two available for driving, Salina Turda is probably the most popular recommendation. It’s the most spectacular underground construction in Romania and perhaps even in the world. Millions of years ago, these lands were covered by sea, and when the waters began to recede, they left behind mountains of salt. Over time, people have dug long and deep tunnels in these mountains, creating a spectacular place, which since 1997 is open only to tourists. It is practically an underground city set in a fairytale setting, like the lands of Lord of The Rings. 

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